Ep. #184 – Magic Kush meets Hip Hop Justice / Is this the most racist show ever?

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The Week 4 intern (the Crazy one) couldn’t come in because he got arrested 2 days earlier (not lying!)

So a last minute call out got us a NEW Week 4 Intern, the Surprise Intern.

Meet Mister Magic Kush, an intern with a sexy Satan-like voice. Our thug with a heart of gold. He thinks that previous intern Oral was not ‘black enough’ and wants to compete for the title of Ultimate Outloud Orlando Intern.

Everyone points out that he is black and we wonder if that makes the show racist while also making a lot of 90’s rap references.

A new news intro for Rob, Republicans get in free to Tampa gay bathhouses, Honey Boo Boo, and when to tell someone you’re dating that you’ve done porn and/or been an escort….

All that plus the usual dose of fun and irreverence that you can always expect from Outloud Orlando.

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