Ep. #182 – Continuing the Ultimate Intern Competition & doing what we do best (not sure what that is…)

Meet Jamez. He is Intern #2 in the Outloud Orlando Ultimate Intern competition. Known as ‘the Quiet one’ he is also a self-proclaimed super-fan of the radio show and we put his knowledge to the test. He also doesn’t mind when Justice is an over dominant dick to him, either.

We talk about the weird qualities of Atomyc’s voice and about the weekly trip to the station and why Justice thinks he is one of the most interesting people ever.

Justice shares a story of how he was accused of something that he would never do at the clubs & gets into the new Halloween masks designed by drag queen, Sharon Needles.

Grindr decides to update their standards with a whole bunch of new restrictions on what you can and can’t post on your pictures.

A date to Miss Comedy Queen, Debbie Gibson & her swiss cake rolls, cracking the boyfriend bubble at clubs, radio prizes from 6 months ago, the gay jew news & MORE~!

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