Ep. #180 – Justice gets his library card and reads some people & more…

Coming back from our curse word bonanza with a drag queen & the live club show, we’re back in the studio.

Justice finally tells Atomyc what his cell phone pet peeve is, points our why Colby is on his way to being the most hated member of the show and goes on to read the guys on the show (because no one is as perfect as him).

Rob and Colby keep trying to distract Justice and he finally gets pissed and says something (Rob didn’t like this and things get weird for a quick second).

We try to come up with Justice’s bio for being a judge for the upcoming Miss Comedy Queen pageant and try to figure out what to wear on a first date (since Justice has no style, whatsoever).

Elite gymnast, Atomyc Adonis, covers the Olympics (we think).

Homophobic tweets, alien bisexual lesbians and transgender movie directors and more — Check it out!

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