Ep. #164 – Angry Justice returns as things break down in the studio & an interview with Willam from Drag Race (maybe)

Someone’s been messing with the equipment in the studio and when Justice figures it out he loses his mind (surprise, surprise…)

After reverting back to paranoid ‘doorknob’ Justice, the guys manage to get him to stop yelling and talk about Daniel’s request for a name change on the air, we give away some tickets to the WHITE PARTY at the world-famous Parliament House to see the Drag Race girls, the upcoming AIDS Walk, and more.

Jerry calls in throughout the show and you hear the progression of how drunk he is by the end of the show (it’s really quite amazing, actually)

Justice gives our advice that will change the lives of others (in what way, we don’t know)

and Rob slips in some jew news.

OH YEAH, and you hear how it sounds when we prepare for someone to call in for an interview that ends up never happening (*cough cough, WILLAM)

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