Ep. #160 – Uncensored Grindr edition of the radio show (aka How Justice got banned from Grindr)

Outloud Orlando decided to get drunk and play on Grindr while recording but we ended up just fucking with people, making prank calls, playing Grindr Bingo, and crowning the King Ultimate Champion of Grindr.

We may not have learned much but damn, it was entertaining……

We made fake profiles and set out to see just how nasty the guys in Orlando are as we make prank phone calls, get guys to admit they are into ‘baby play’ and (radio play) and play Grindr Bingo looking for a bunch of different profiles & qualities, along with BIGGEST cock.

Learn what people are into, who the kinkiest guys in Orlando are, who in town has been banged by every member of the radio show, and get the raw look at smartphone Grinding…

(Hey I never said we were GOOD people…)

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