Ep. #156 – Valentine’s Day Massacre -OR- my BEST worst SIngle’s Awareness Day ever!

This is the last time that Valentine’s Day will fall on a day we will do the radio show on Feb. 14th until 2021 so we go totally cliche with our specially themed show.

Rob, Daniel and a less nervous Colby are in studio, along with our friend Saabira (who is dating Dog the Bounty or something)

We take calls to give away prizes for the best WORST Valentine’s Day story on this day of love.

Justice is growing a beard and wonders if that makes him more or less appealing to twinks.

We take a call from Florida’s Own Dame Enda, discuss the best gift to get on V-Day (hint: it’s footy buttflap pajamas), and dissect the joys of being single as well as the Top Romantic Movies and then their alternative counterparts.

Justice and Colby talk about the anti-Valentine’s party that they both attended and what went horribly wrong that night, along with talking about putting phone numbers on bathroom walls in an effort to promote the radio show.

Colby laughs inappropriately at really awful things (but that’s why we love him)

Sociological & interpersonal interactions at an orgy why Justice is a good person for not partaking in group sex on Valentine’s Day.

We talk about sponsoring Daniel in the upcoming Miss Lakeland pageant and talk about what it would take to start our very own pageant, Miss Outloud Orlando!!

For uncensored/podcast exclusive segment we go over the news, talk about what it means to Romney and why, replay Justice’s bit at the comedic roast of Blaze Adonis last week, and what really inappropriate child-like things to NEVER say during sex,

Thanks to the great folks at the Parliament House for hooking us up with tickets to the Red Ball to give away to listeners (www.ParliamentHouse.com) AND the FMI Collection of Restaurants for donating giveaway gift certificates, including Funky Monkey Wine Company, Bananas, Prickly Pear & more (FMIRestaurantGroup.com)

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