Ep. #148: The one serious show of the year–Justice alone in the studio

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Feeling misunderstood and fighting with your parents over differences of opinion and belief…Sound familiar?

Justice shares some audio tapes of one of these fights that occurred soon after he came out to his mother. It sucks to listen to….it hurts to be called ‘an asshole going through some stupid phase’ by your mother.

So why share it?

Maybe there is some truth from the pain that can be shared to give hope that it truly does get better…Maybe you come from a similar home situation…Maybe hearing this can give you some insight to what your friends might be going through when they come out to their family and why they need someone to talk to.

This show promotes the Broadway Christmas 5 charity event benefiting the Trevor Project, whose goal is to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth.

A whole different type of show (but don’t worry, we’ll try to make it entertaining on the next show—if that’s even possible)

For more info, check out www.TheTrevorProject.org/

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