Ep. #143: Back from vacation and taking off like a rocket***

After two weeks of vacation the full cast is back and in the studio and Justice announces a chance for the listeners to win $200 cash in the ‘logo over your junk’ contest AND a chance for either Rob, Bobby, Daniel, or Quiet John to win some cash in a new competition.

Justice survived his transatlantic cruise from Spain to Panama and shares some stories about partying with the elderly, being in a Swedish wedding, and finding the song he will give birth to (it will make sense when you hear it)

The show won an award for the second year in a row (which Justice begrudgingly accepts after talking about how awesome he is)

We give advice to a caller who wonders why all of her ex-boyfriends turn out to be gay.

All that plus a podcast exclusive & uncensored segment with some news sprinkled in ***

air date: 11/15/11

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