Ep. #137: Wedding Recap*When does your Bisexual card expire?*Shotboy Ben the intern*UNcensored and dirty news and MORE!!

Quiet John the Producer is back from his wedding in New York and shares the love of that experience–Congratulations to him and his husband!!

Shotboy Ben wants to be in radio and we all want to be IN Shotboy Ben (but seriously, he did a good job).

Justice went to play for the other team and wonders if this makes him a bisexual again and we talk about being a ‘gold star gay’

Calls from Hawaii and some people from Justice’s past check in from Atlanta, Georgia.

A completely uncensored news story segment with Rob in the breakroom (WARNING: contains vulgar and explicit commentary on the news)

and finally, Orlando prepares for COMING OUT WITH PRIDE and we talk about how everyone is different when it comes to being OUT and PROUD**

air date: 10/4/11

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