Ep. #136: Justice barely survives his own shenanigans, On-Air interventions, getting something pierced, a wedding, and other hijinks

This show aired less than 10 hours after a post-club adventure turns bizarre so Justice is operating on no sleep and a slight state of shock….all of this leads the rest of the cast to ‘intervene’ on his behalf and the decision is made that he should stop going after crazy guys.

Producer John is leaving to get married so we talk about relationships and what defines love.

Justice is asking about getting ‘it’ pierced and contemplates making the process a podcast.

Does SouthWest Airlines kick people off for gay kissing or because they hate celebrities?

Hate crimes -vs- beating up annoying people.

Mommy issues, another call as part of the 50 State Initiative and MORE~!!!

Air date: 9/27/11

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