Ep. #129: HALF and HALF show– You couldn’t ask for a more split show:

Hear it hear: http://thehomohappyhour.podomatic.com/entry/2011-08-02T16_13_28-07_00

The first half of the show is all about the 3 things Justice learned this week, the 50 State Initiative and taking calls from men and women all across the country and finding out who is a TINNER and a DUMPER.

The League of HeteroSexuals votes us the ‘Best GLBT Radio Show for Str8 folks to listen to.’

The second half turns into some serious talk about guys that are living HIV positive and if you think you could date someone with AIDS.

Plenty of calls throughout the show about all kinds of things.

Quiet John Sullivan is on the board, Daniel Haas is on the phone, and Christopher T. Guy is our guest in the studio.

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