Ep. #128: We’ll have a good ol’ time with Sassy, Crazy John & Trilogy.

Hear the latest show here: http://thehomohappyhour.podomatic.com/entry/2011-07-26T23_02_26-07_00

Rob Ward is busy making brilliance and Daniel Haas is drinking gasolina in Puerto Rico so Justice assembled a ragtag group of folks to help him run the show.

Sassy Devine comes by to catch us up on her road to Miss Continental, give some life advice, and be super sickening on the air.

Trilogy Monroe Stone is back on the phone after being gone for several months.

-Crazy John comes in and we learn he has been married (TWICE) and we debate why he wasn’t so crazy that day and wonder why his face is so red today.

-Some news stories, some calls from Puerto Rico, spitting drag queens that defend Justice, aspiring pop stars on the phone and why Quiet John’s son hates me

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