Ep. #127: Nude Photo Shoots, Eating a Banana and What the Hell is Dating?!?

Hear it on http://thehomohappyhour.podomatic.com/entry/2011-07-19T18_37_57-07_00

Justice starts feeling vain and begins posting semi-nude pictures of himself on facebook.

False starts and why pushing a single button is hard.

We introduce the OUTLOUD ORLANDO 50 State Initiative seeking to find and add a new listener to the radio show from each other 50 states.

The Wolf with the PhD calls in and talks about REAL news and politics.

Justice eats a banana on the air.

A call from Frank from What’s Happening Magazine talking about the upcoming NUDE Genderfuc issue and Justice’s article and pictures in the magazine. Check out ‘Let Justice Roll’ online on www.WhatsHappeningMagazine.com

The House of Adonis Anniversary and a call from Kaija the housemother.

Justice does some on air therapy and realizes there dating can be tough sometimes.

All that and MORE on the HOMO HAPPY HOUR RADIO SHOW~!!!

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